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List of Parent Workshops at  Northeast High School

District Call Center and Main Information Center

District Call Center and Main Information Center provides front-end information about District services, initiatives and programs, acting as a link between customers and appropriate District offices. It also works directly with schools and Principals’ Learning Networks to address parental questions and concerns, engaging with parents and serving as a one-on-one case management support.

Multilingual Family Support

Through the Office of Multilingual Family Support FACE provides access to live interpretation at parent meetings, conferences, District and school-wide events, builds partnerships with immigrant and refugee serving organizations and supports families through welcome wagons (see below).

Parent and Family Resource Centers

Parent and Family Resource Centers provide to parents support in resolving concerns and exploring ways to better support their child’s education, help parents navigate the School District of Philadelphia and offer information about the District’s policies, procedures, programs and services, share information about community based programs and resources, organize and conduct a variety of parent workshops and events both at the Resource Center locations and at schools, support schools with parent engagement opportunities and build community partnerships to increase access to resources for the benefit of students and families.

Parent University

Parent University offers free workshops and academic classes designed to develop a strong community of parent learners to increase student achievement. Parent University offers opportunities where families can play an active role in the educational process and to interactmore effectively with their children and the child/children’s school.

Professional Development

FACE offers a range of professional development opportunities for teachers, counselors, support staff, school administrators and members of School Advisory Councils on topics relating to parent and community engagement, customer service and multilingual family support.

School Advisory Councils

School Advisory Council (SAC) is an advisory body responsible for reviewing school budget and school action plan. Bringing together peer-elected representatives from all stakeholder groups: parents, school leadership and staff, community partners and students (for high schools), SACs provide a platform for discussion and collaboration to ensure success of all students within a school.

Translation and Interpretation Center

Translation and Interpretation Center serves as a single point access to efficient, prompt, and high quality translation and telephonic interpretation services for District-wide and school-based needs.

Welcome Wagon

Welcome Wagon provides parent workshops and trainings to immigrant and refugee families that address literacy, college application process and financial aid resources, employment safety, access to health benefits, asthma management, HIV prevention, transition to life in the United States, acculturation and parent/child conflicts, child rearing practices and discipline, recognizing and seeking treatment for depression, recognizing domestic violence, and child abuse prevention.